Tractor Sprayer

A tractor sprayer is a sprayer that you place on either your farm tractor, ATV, or lawn or garden tractor.

There could be a number of different reasons as to why you might want to do this, but usually, you want to do something like this because you are trying to spread chemicals or other liquids around.

It can be burdensome and tiresome to haul around  a large hand sprayer or container of chemicals all day long, so putting a tractor sprayer on your off-road farm vehicle can make all the difference in the world.

Utilizing this technique will allow you to get your crops/plants/lawn sprayed in no time at all, as opposed to how long it would have taken you had you carried the chemicals/liquids around on foot all day.

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Sometimes, people think that a tractor sprayer is too expensive, and that it is not worth the money. Well, if you have ever had to try to do this type of work without one, rest assured that you will not think it a waste of money at all.

Garden and lawn tractor sprayers are available at about any farm or lawn equipment store, but you can also buy them online. There are a number of different retailers who deal in gear like this, and it may or may not be able to bolt onto your specific vehicle correctly.

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You should put some research into making sure that the tractor sprayer in question will easily mount/bolt/attach to your rig. But in order to do this research, you will need some basic information first.

Asking a few questions about your vehicle is the first thing to do. Is it a tractor? Or, is it more of an ATV? Does it have a rack on it? Will you be mounting the tractor sprayer to a trailer, or to the vehicle itself? Will you be on the lookout for something that will hold a specific number of gallons? What size is your vehicle? Do you drive in on the highway, or just on the farm?

These are all questions that will make a difference as you look for the proper tractor sprayer. The first step to knowing which sprayer is right for you is knowing what your vehicle is like. Not all tractor sprayers will just bolt to every vehicle, so this might make a big difference.


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Some people buy tractor sprayers used, but this is not really recommended unless you can fully verify what was sent through the sprayer before you got it. In some cases, powerful chemicals might have been used in the sprayer, and you might not want these same chemicals spread onto your plants.

For example, you do not want certain chemicals to be accidentally sprayed onto your fresh tomato plants when you think that you are just spraying bug spray! This could harm the plants, or even make someone sick! It is very important that you know what is getting sprayed on your plants, which is why used tractor sprayers are not usually a good idea in many situations.

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